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Other than the blog entries and the material in Chapters 1, 2 and 6 of the “Chapters” section of The Lone Liberal Republican website, at present the bulk of the content on the website is in the “Bibliography with Commentary” section. This is because I think there is greater credibility and authority in channeling the thoughtful work of established authors in the areas discussed than for me to expound personally on these matters. All of the content included in the Bibliography With Commentary section of the website relates to policies that I think should form the foundation of a Liberal Republican platform, or to the kinds of pragmatic thinking that should filter Liberal Republican thought.

As always, all comments welcomed, as is sharing this with people who you think might be interested. I would love to hear from followers which of the entries you find most interesting. (Some of the entries, like the Leovy, Sawhill, Schlesinger, Ramo and Liveris blurbs, have been linked in weekly posts before, but lots of them have not.) Click on the citation to each book or article to access the commentary.‎
Link to Bibliography with Commentary section here.

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