We Are All In This Together (Including Around the Thanksgiving Dinner Table)

The www.theloneliberalrepublican.com website and associated Lone Liberal Republican Facebook page are intended to make Americans aware that liberals and moderates are as much a part of the Republican Party’s heritage as conservatives‎–prominent as recently as the 1970’s and for most of the party’s history, starting with Abraham Lincoln. Such an awareness is a first step towards enabling Americans to believe that such politicians could play a significant role in the party again. If, like me, you believe that such a rebalancing could stop the increasing polarization in this country–and we are increasingly divided not only by politics, but by race and now by gender too–you might welcome this, even if your personal political beliefs are more conservative or progressive. (I have toyed with adopting as a motto for the Lone Liberal Republican project, “I could live with that.”)


To this end, as the holiday season approaches, I will be reposting weekly one of the seven biographies of liberal Republicans that I posted this Summer, as well as a few new ones. And, for the first time in the history of this website, I have a request of readers. Please share these biographies with your children, grandchildren, students and friends. Help build awareness of what the Republican Party has been, and can be again. Perhaps sharing these biographies will generate some less-heated political discussions around the Thanksgiving dinner table, some discussions around the concept of “I could live with that.”

Thanks much and all the best for the holiday season.


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