Arthur Winter, a lawyer based in Evanston, Illinois and Bangkok, Thailand, is the creator of this website on why the resurrection of Liberal Republicanism is important and what its policies might look like.  He will be uploading and blogging at The Lone Liberal Republican.

The purpose of this website is threefold. First, to introduce young Americans, and reintroduce older Americans, to a branch of the Republican Party that played an instrumental role in America’s success. The rebirth of the Liberal Republican branch of the Republican Party could be the key to bringing back pragmatic, consensus-oriented government.

Second, to explore policy proposals that might help form part of the foundation of a Liberal Republican politics.

Third, to post ‎entries about books and articles of interest to those who are keen to alter the conversation, both in government and the media, to a more constructive, pragmatic place, and create a space for conversations about such matters.

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