Harris, T. George. Romney’s Way: A Man and an Idea. New Orleans: Garrett County Press 2012.

Governor George W. Romney of Michigan, father of former Governor and recent Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is my favorite among all of the Liberal Republicans. Surreal as it may seem to most people today, these Liberal Republicans were a major force in the Republican Party when I was young. (And by the way, I am not eighty years old.) A picture of George Romney hangs in my office. Romney’s Way is his biography.

See the “Chapters” link of this blog, then go to Chapter 2 for a description of Governor Romney’s politics and accomplishments. [here] I cannot even imagine how different America might be today if George Romney had become President in 1968 instead of Richard Nixon. And to read about what “did him in” during the 1968 Presidential campaign is to understand that elements of our press have been sensationalizing forces of destruction for a long time.