Saunders, Doug. Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History is Reshaping Our World. London: Windmill Books, 2011.

Arrival City is full of lessons about how poor urban communities develop well or not, based on factors that are often not apparent at first blush to policymakers. It is included in this bibliography because of its analysis of poor urban immigrant communities’ needs, and how they differ from the conventional political wisdom, which often conflates them with other poor urban communities. See in particular the short section of the book entitled “The Great American Arrival City: Los Angeles, California”:

“Because it is constantly sending it’s educated second generation into more prosperous neighborhoods and taking in waves of new villagers, in a constantly reiterated cycle of ‘arrival, upward mobility, and exodus,’ the neighborhood itself appears poorer than it really is…which leads to a misunderstanding of the forms of government investment they really of ownership, education, security, business creation and connection to the wider economy.”